Travis Scott Says Song “3500” Was Originally For Kanye West

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Fans will remember the popular song “3500” featuring 2 Chainz & FUTURE. The album Rodeo featured the song but what some fans didn’t know is the song wasn’t originally meant for Travis Scott.

During an interview with Billboard Travis opened up about the track and revealed a secret.

“3500 was something that was supposed to be on the ‘Ye album. Something I did in Malibu. And that beat sounded completely different. That hook came cause ‘Ye put my verse in the ASR and chopped it up. That was going to be his single but he was working on his album so long and my album was coming up, so I was like ‘Yo, I wanna f*ck with this.”

The album Rodeo was released before The Life Of Pablo as Scott said so the song we know may not be actually the original version of the song.

“I ended up re-doing the beat. This shit wasn’t like where producers had a beat and sent it in,” he said. “Every beat on this album was made from scratch.. Whether I produced it or programmed it or not, everything was made around me. Me, Metro, Sunny, and Southside.”

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