Cardi B Discredits Beef With Tween Rappers

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Cardi B Discredits Beef With Tween Rappers


Cardi B shut down rumors about a beef with four 10 year olds that dissed her in a song.

Cardi took to Twitter to dispelled the rumors and made sure to address the haters that were unhappy with her winning the Grammy for Best Rap Album.

“First of all I was talking about a fan base that was coming for me when it comes to album and Grammies and people chopped my video to make it seem like I was talkin about them kids,” Cardi explained on Twitter. “Second why don’t ya go bitch to the parents that got lil kids talking shit about others?”

She obviously wasn’t very pleased with the disses but yet more disappointed with the parents who allowed their children to talk negative about others online.

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