Box Carlito Killed In A Double Homicide

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A North Carolina rapper was killed reportedly and was one of two homicide victims who were shot and killed in Raleigh this week.

The shooting took place on a Wednesday on the 2700 block of the Community Drive around 1 p.m.

The artist was 28-years-old who’s real name was Vincente Arocho and declared dead at the scene, while 31-year-old Jaquan Tyrone Dumas was taken to WakeMed where he died from his injuries.

Box Carlito made the news in 2018 when he posted a $2.5 million dollar bond to get himself out of jail on marijuana charge. He spoke on YouTube about the incident and stated he believes the system is setup for people to fail.

“What I want to say about this bond is this, $2.5 million bond all for a marijuana charge, not a high level marijuana charge, a G-class felony which is a low felony,” said the rapper.

“My bond should’ve been only $80,000, instead it was $2.5 million and I had to stay in there for six months.

“I had to show all my tax returns, I had to put up all my property, I had to show everything just to get put of jail.”

Currently the police are investigating the incident and has not released any information about the murder.

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