50 Cent Releases An Apology To Moneybagg

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50 Cent has been in the drama for most of his career, the rapper admitted he was wrong to refer to Megan Thee Stallion as a “wh*re”. Moneybagg shared a photo of himself with Megan and wrote a caption “She Wit Wat3va I’m Wit,” and released a track from his latest album “43va Heartless”.

The response was used with lyrics from the song “She da head liner ain’t no number 2.”

50 Cent wrote with a comment “All kinda good looking hoe’s Out here the pressure a break em. Lol.”

Moneybagg defended her very quickly writing “Yea H*es But she don’t fall in dat category.”

This all comes in the same weekend that 50 cent decided to disable his account due to negative comments about the Power theme song.

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